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Are their Professional Services for Sewage Cleanup in Mississauga?

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded room We understand the need for rapid response to minimize the loss of your property after a flood occurs. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

SERVPRO Can Provide Technicians for Flood Damage Recovery in Mississauga

A flooding event can lead to road overflow or overload private sewer systems leading to a backup. These issues involve biohazardous substances and can be harmful to your health. Sewer gases can also be dangerous if ingested or breathed.. Our technicians receive specific training on dealing with contamination and contaminated water issues from flooding. 

Water contamination is common in flood damage restoration of Mississauga homes. Infectious waste may include things like sewage, floodwater, or condensation from air-conditioning systems. These issues also have present secondary damage potential, resulting from the buildup of microbial organisms like bacteria, viruses, or mold in the home. 

  • Containing the affected area using polyethylene sheets or negative air pressure machines is essential when dealing with biohazards.
  • We use Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants and bleaches for residential properties.
  • Wastewater is filtered and disposed of correctly in line with EPA guidance and legal regulations. 

Avoid potentially harmful water contamination issues in your home. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for flood damage at (905) 238-7376.

When do Mississauga Residents Need Water Damage Remediation?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Water on floor Don't let water take over your home. Let the professionals at SERVPRO help restore your water damaged home back to its original state.

SERVPRO Water Damage Professionals in Mississauga Can Help Mitigate Losses after Water Intrusion

If a burst pipe, faulty appliance, or blockages lead to large amounts of water entering the home, you may need to enlist professional assistance. Water can impact property in several ways, and failure to act quickly can lead to expensive or even permanent damages. 

SERVPRO is a local restoration service that can help with water damage in Mississauga. Understanding psychrometric science is an essential utility to mitigating losses in a wet property. High humidity can be as harmful as liquid water exposure to your home. Our technicians can measure and control specific humidity to prevent excessive damages.

  • Specific humidity measures in grains per pound (GPP) of moisture in the air.
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers are helpful in reducing GPP.
  • Specific humidity is a more accurate measure of moisture in the air than relative humidity and is measured using a thermo-hygrometer.

Avoid the costly after-effects of water intrusion in the home. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for water damage assistance at (905) 238-7376.

Is Fire Damage in a Malton Home Permanent?

3/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of home Fire damage can be quite overwhelming when it happens in your home. Call SERVPRO right away after an event.

SERVPRO is an Expert Service that Can Help Malton Residents with House Fire Cleanup 

Malton is the sixth-largest city in Canada, rivaling Toronto as a must-visit destination in North America. The town, a part of Ontario, is a dining center that offers up fantastic local produce alongside progressive arts and culture, which has become Malton's trademark. The mixture of traditional activities, outdoor scenery, and thriving contemporary culture has seen Malton develop into a top tourist destination for those visiting Canada. The region effortlessly brings together its traditional tea-rooms and historical sites with modern shopping and cultural activity. Each year thousands of visitors descend on Malton to experience a less touristy Canadian culture than that offered by its rivals Toronto and Niagara.

Historical buildings in Malton date back to the nineteenth century, with some of the highlights being the traditional Tea Rooms at Robinson Bray House and the Georgian-styled Benares House. The Bray House, in particular, opens out onto a quaint main street featuring many historic buildings while in-house dining is catered for by local pastry chef Melanie Howsam. Celebration Square is at the heart of Malton, which provides free entertainment for the whole family. Highlights include the numerous music festivals that take place annually and enormous ice skating rinks that open throughout the winter season. Typical food options include Egyptian and Japanese cuisine. 

  • The Casa Loma is a stunning period revival of Gothic Architecture that opens to the public as a tourist attraction throughout the year. Initially built in 1914, the castle-like mansion was the permanent residence of Sir Henry Pellat. The adjacent gardens are also open to the public throughout the year. 
  • Canada's Wonderland is one of Canada's largest theme parks, with 134 hectares of rollercoaster rides, water slides, and entertainment. The park opens daily during the summer season, running until Labour Day, when it closes for the winter season. 
  • The Fo Guang Shan Temple is a highlight of the local culture, which runs regular tours for visitors. The tours comprise an exploration of ancient Chinese philosophy, art, and dining rooms. The temple remains a fully-active Buddhist temple for Malton's Chinese residents. 

SERVPRO Runs Expert Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup for Malton Residents

Housefires do happen. Fortunately, SERVPRO is a locally-run company that provides expert restoration technicians to the residents of Malton. We can restore indoor air-quality, tackle odor and remove stubborn smoke stains from your home including:

  • Smoke damage 
  • Fire restoration
  • House fire cleanup

Our contents cleaning services are specially designed to return upholstery, fabrics, and clothing to their preloss condition after a home emergency. 

  • Dry cleaning services can help to alleviate concerns about smoke-damaged clothing or textiles. 
  • Using Esporta mechanical washing machines, our technicians can remove up to 99% of soils from fabrics following a fire. 
  • Our tiered carpet cleaning approach can help to restore a property to its preloss condition after the fire. 

Avoid costly damages associated with fire. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for fire damage restoration at (905) 238-7376 now.

Which Mould Remediation Processes Help Deliver Long-Term Results?

3/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians in personal protective gear Mold can begin to grow within 72 hours of a water damage in your home. Let the experts at SERVPRO of North Mississauga help.

For Comprehensive Mould Recovery in Mississauga Call SERVPRO

Mould affects any property, whether old or new. Infestations are common when moisture problems such as flooding or water pipe leaks affect the house. The problem can go away quickly or keep recurring, thus requiring elaborate intervention.

With the right mould remediation approach, your Mississauga residence can regain its previous mould-free status. Understanding how mould develops and the materials it affects is essential in choosing the suitable remediation method. For mould to grow, three factors are necessary:

  • A sustained moisture source
  • An organic food source
  • Oxygen and favourable temperatures

Since the other factors are abundant, any sustained spike in moisture leads to mould infestation. The infestation affects more than just the surface of materials because mould produces root-like hyphae. During remediation, it is essential to dry wet materials and address any leaks. Our SERVPRO technicians also clean and remove all mouldy materials. 

Where deemed necessary, we can also repaint surfaces with mould killing primers or mould-resistant paints. These surface finishes can help kill any mould remnants on the surfaces. They also make the surfaces more resistant to microbial infestation. 

SERVPRO of North Mississauga keeps up with changing trends in mould remediation. Call us at (905) 238-7376 to help you find the right solution for your home.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Remove Odour During Fire Restoration?

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO office You want a trusted team of experts with the equipment your property needs after a fire incident occurs. Call SERVPRO right away.

SERVPRO Combines Different Approaches for Thorough Deodorisation of Mississauga Homes 

Bad odour is one expected outcome of fire incidents since odorous materials accumulate in open and hidden areas of the property. Some of the odour may dissipate after cleanup, but in most cases, further intervention is necessary to remove all lingering traces of odour. 

Deodorisation is the fire restoration procedure Mississauga residences require to regain their preloss state. Like other restoration processes, a single deodorisation method is not likely to deliver the best outcome. Professional restoration services combine several approaches to ensure all odour sources are addressed. Typical methods include:

  • Air filtration
  • Thermal Fogging
  • Use of activated oxygen 

Since smoke is made up of various substances, including fine residues and vapour, some remain suspended in the air making the property smell.  One way our SERVPRO technicians eliminate such substances from the air is by running air filtration devices with HEPA filters in the affected rooms to capture residues as small as 0.3 microns.

Odour molecules might also be embedded deep into porous materials making it difficult to remove them. Our technicians use approaches that overcome the physical challenge of reaching the odour. Thermal fogging helps deliver odour counteractants deep into materials. Alternatively, we use activated oxygen from ozone and hydroxyl generators to break down odour molecules.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga goes the extra mile during fire restoration to leave your property odour-free. Call (905) 238-7376 for assistance.

Appropriate Response to Flood Damage Incidents in Mississauga

2/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo After a flood incident occurs. You can trust that your home is in good hands with our experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Avails Any Necessary Resources to Restore Flood Damage

On the shores of Lake Ontario lies Mississauga City, a transportation hub and an excellent shopping destination. One of the leading transportation assets in the city is the Pearson International Airport which is connected to seven major highways including the Ontario 401 Express and the Express Toll Route. The city was incorporated in 1974.  Initially, it was known as Toronto Township but was later renamed Mississauga.

The name was derived from the name of indigenous people in the area known as the Mississaugas of the Credit. The naming was rather peculiar since it was a contest where residents were requested to suggest their preferred name. Suggestions ranged from the absurd like ‘Banana Peel’ to the mischievous ones like ‘Police State Village’. In the end, three names, Malton, Sheridan, and Mississauga stood out, and residents chose Mississauga in a plebiscite.

A Perfect Urban Setting for Cyclists

Cycling is gaining popularity in most cities since it is a convenient way to beat traffic and is environmentally friendly. Incorporating cycling in daily routines is also a positive way to maintain fitness for an urban dweller. Mississauga offers the best experience for cyclists since it has a long term Cycling Master Plan created in 2010 that seeks to establish 897 kilometres of city-wide infrastructure over 27 years. By 2018, the city’s cycling map had already accumulated approximately 500 kilometres of interconnected paths, trails, bicycle lanes, signed bike routes and segregated bike lanes which have physical barriers separating them from the overall traffic. Some of the roads in the city with segregated bike lanes include: 

  • Burnhamthorpe Road
  • Dundas Street
  • Hurontario Street
  • Lakeshore Boulevard

Flooding Issues in Mississauga

Although there is no major flooding problem in Mississauga, occasional incidents cause severe hardship to residents. One memorable case was a flash flood incident in the Greater Toronto Area in 2013. 100mm of rainfall inundated the area in a day submerging roads and interrupting the GO train line. Many of the people inconvenienced en route from work also arrived home to find their houses submerged. Apart from the extreme incidents affecting the GTA, minor incidents affect specific neighbourhoods. Some of the vulnerable areas include:

  • Cooksville Creek which was initially affected in 2009 and was still in recovery during the 2013 floods
  • Applewood mostly affected because of the Little Etobicoke Creek
  • Lisgar which floods primarily because of water build up in foundation drain collection systems

How Does SERVPRO Help Restore Mississauga Homes with Basements after Flood Damage?

Floodwater tends to accumulate faster in basements since they are positioned at the lowest points of homes. Restoring the basement may require several processes including removing the water, cleaning and drying. It is a challenging process for several reasons:

  • Its low elevation necessitates more effort to pump out water
  • Basements are rarely empty so renovation may only be possible after moving out items
  • The water removal approach can affect the foundation of the structure
  • Faulty or broken sump pumps can exacerbate the flood damage

SERVPRO uses various resources to overcome these challenges. For instance, we have submersible pumps that simplify water extraction. If the water contains solid materials such as silt or mud, we have self-priming trash pumps to handle such extraction. Our crews are also well versed with content move-outs.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga responds to flood damage appropriately. Call us at (905) 238-7376 to assist you.

What is the Fastest Way to Repair Commercial Fire Damage?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

servpro green service van SERVPRO's business is to keep your fire-damaged company in Malton open for business with effective, rapid, cleanup and restoration

SERVPRO Has Excellent Commercial Restoration Technicians for Businesses in Malton

A premises fire could occur as the result of a snack room mishap or faulty appliance. Even a relatively small fire can cause significant cosmetic damage to a Malton business. SERVPRO technicians are organised and efficient when dealing with commercial restoration. 

Businesses with commercial fire damage in Malton should use local restoration services to ensure a quick recovery. Our technicians are close-by, which allows them to arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss. These qualified technicians can identify and restore your commercial premises to a preloss condition. 

  • Our range of industrial cleaning agents can help tackle stubborn soot or smoke residues that may occur due to a fire. 
  • Using thermal ultra-low volume foggers, we can address unpleasant malodors in the business quickly before using box fans to ventilate the premises and make it safe for use. 
  • Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system inspections are standard during commercial fire recovery.

Business and commercial routines, already under stress due to the current circumstances, do not need further disruptions. We strive to provide a smooth transition from fire damage cleanup to “Like it never even happened.”

If your business suffers an unfortunate fire, contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for commercial fire damage restoration at (905) 238-7376.

Is Water Intrusion Expensive to Fix?

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

servpro logo on hood of truck The SERVPRO Green Fleet arrives swiftly to mitigate water damage in Malton properties

Untreated Water Damage Can Lead to Unnecessary Expense, SERVPRO Can Mitigate Losses for Malton Residents

The presence of moisture in a home can deteriorate over-time, leading to expensive damages. Microbial infestation is another potential risk factor with untreated water intrusion from leaks and breakdowns. SERVPRO is capable of mitigating losses by carrying out complete drying of the property and microbial protection.

All water contains microbes. These microbes can be a leading cause of water damage in your Malton home. Microbial organisms proliferate in the presence of moisture. That can lead to bacteria, mould, or viruses growing in your home. The surest way to mitigate against microbial infestation is to correct the moisture problem. SERVPRO technicians can access and dry parts of your home that have been adversely affected by a slow leak, burst pipe, or structural deficiency.

  • Advanced structural drying equipment is readily accessible by SERVPRO technicians looking to dry cavities in the home.
  • Expert dehumidification, air movement, and temperature control can ensure efficient drying and reduce microbial growth.
  • Using anti-microbial chemicals and disinfectants, our team can prevent long-term water exposure and damage to your property.

Protecting your home against water exposure is vital to reducing expenses and mitigating losses. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for water damage restoration technicians (WRT) at (905) 238-7376.

How do Professional Services Reduce Flood Impact?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

stacked equipment in warehouse Mississauga homeowners can see that SERVPRO is stocked and ready for floodwater removal and restoration

Flood Damage in Mississauga Could Permanently Harm your Home without Professional Intervention.

Mississauga is located in the Canadian province of Ontario. The city, which is built on Lake Ontario's shores, has seen steady growth throughout the twentieth century due to its close geographical positioning to Toronto. The city is well-known for its cultural diversity but also as a thriving commercial district. Mississauga was initially a region of several smaller villages and hamlets in the Toronto outskirts. The area was not officially incorporated as a city until the 1970s when the burgeoning population of 722,599 residents saw it become a city within its own rights outside of Toronto. Visitors to Canada frequently fly in through Mississauga's neighbourhoods, Malton, home to the Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The city is comprised of 22 neighbourhoods, which together house over 60 Fortune 500 companies, giving the region a strong business reputation. Most of the city's economy is driven by the banking and insurance sector and tech giants Hewlett-Packard.

A City Rich in Culture

Culturally, the city plays host to numerous festivals throughout the year. One of the largest celebrations is Carassauga, which celebrates cultures from all over the world. Each year around 300,000 people attend the Carassauga festival. In addition to this festival, several smaller festivals celebrate the city's unique cultural diversity, with celebrations for Filipino, Vietnamese and Muslim residents among the most prominent. In terms of entertainment, Mississauga is well-known for its Jazz, with several venues performing live music.

  • Celebration Square is at the centre of Mississauga and hosts ice skating events to live music performances throughout the year. One of the main events is Canada Day, while the annual tree lighting ceremony attracts thousands.
  • Shopping districts in Mississauga are among the largest in Canada, with the Square One shopping centre hosting over 350 retailers. There are also large shopping centres, including the Erin Mills Town Centre.
  • For sports, the Paramount Fine Foods Centre is the largest arena in Mississauga. The stadium hosts junior teams like the Raptors and the Mississauga Steelheads, which play in the Ontario Hockey League.

Repair and Protect your Mississauga Home after Flooding

SERVPRO of North Mississauga can help to restore your home after a storm-related flooding incident. Our technicians are experts at identifying and mitigating potential losses from severe water intrusion. We are available twenty-four-hours a day.

The impact of flood damage to your Mississauga home can be manifold. Our technicians perform professional scoping to ensure your home's structural integrity before moving out contents and performing repairs. We can board-up broken entranceways and quickly remove large bodies of water to mitigate permanent losses.

  • Preparing a property could include installing temporary lighting or power to a flooded property.
  • Our industrial water extraction equipment can remove water quickly and efficiently.
  • SERVPRO uses complete drying techniques to guard against expensive secondary damages.

Mitigate losses in your home using professional restoration services. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga for expert flood damage restoration at (905) 238-7376.

Mississauga Homeowners Participate in Educational Workshops

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician hard at work Fire restoration is no joke especially when it comes to your home. Call SERVPRO for the restoration services needed no matter how bad the fire was.

Personal Finance Literacy Aids Mississauga Residents in Overcoming Fiscal Challenges

Financial Hub on Brittania Road in Mississauga hosts a free, online Personal Finance Literacy Workshop on January 20, 2021, from 8:00 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. During these trying times, some guidance from a fresh perspective can help residents find creative and reliable solutions to meet their monetary needs.

This event focuses on several important building blocks for establishing and maintaining your finances, including:

  • Managing debts and increasing personal cash flow
  • Accumulating assets and how to protect them
  • Planning for retirement and preserving personal wealth

The Personal Finance Literacy Workshop has several dates available through February 3. Potential attendees must RSVP before the online workshop goes live to attend. Individuals of all levels of financial literacy are welcome. However, this course is geared more toward those who are new to the ideas presented in this workshop.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga responds quickly to fire damage in Mississauga homes. Call (905) 238-7376 to return your home to a preloss state.