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What Do I Do About the Flash Flooding in My Mississauga House?

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Call Now! SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the tools and knowledge for any size storm disaster. Storm and flood damage restoration is a specialty we do.

SERVPRO Can Help You With Flood Damage Restoration in Your Mississauga Home! 

No homeowner ever wants to deal with flood damage in their home. With one intense storm, you could find your home in the middle of a weeks-long process of restoration and anxiety. Everyone knows flooding can cause mould inside your home, which is simply another stressor for you, the homeowner, during an already stressful time. 

For this reason, never wait when your home needs local Mississauga flood damage remediation. Call as soon as you realize your home is beginning to flood, even if you doubt we can travel to your home. Here at SERVPRO, the sooner we know you need help, the sooner we can get to your location. 

Flash flooding occurs when an intense rainstorm overwhelms a city with how much water it releases. Rivers can flood, and, in some cases, damming systems can even fail. However, the vital thing about flash flooding is to realize that eventually, the water does recede. It could take some time, but SERVPRO is here to help you during your time of need. 

Let us say the base floor of your home has been impacted, which includes your kitchen, dining room, living room, half-bathroom, and garage. SERVPRO can send a large team of expert technicians to your home, and they can bring advanced technology explicitly made for flood damage restoration. Some of these devices include: 

  • Water extractors and wet/dry vacuums 
  • Floor drying mats 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Heaters
  • Thermal camera

Our first goal is to remove standing water leftover in your home. We can even use infrared technology to look for hidden pockets of water. We can send your furniture and belongings to our facility for special treatment and then to a storage locker to wait until after the remediation is finished.

Typically, the next step is flood cuts, removing any cabinetry or vanities. We can set up drying equipment designed to pull excess moisture from your home's structure and use antifungal agents to help prevent mould growth. At SERVPRO, our technicians strive to tackle every aspect of remediation swiftly so that we can return your home to you in a meaningful amount of time. 

Don't hesitate when you need flood damage remediation. Talk to SERVPRO of North Mississauga by calling (905) 238-7376. We can help you at any time! 

Who Can I Call to Help Me With the Fire Damage in My Mississauga Apartment?

10/6/2021 (Permalink)

fire extinguisher in front of fire background Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga Technicians Can Remediate the Fire Damage in Your Home! 

Most people might experience some kind of fire in their homes at some point. You may imagine something explosive, a house burnt to the ground. However, that is seldom the reality of home fires. The fact is that most are relatively small and can be contained to a small percentage of your home. Some can even be put out quickly with a fire extinguisher and leave behind some small traces that are unpleasant to the eye. However, no matter the size of the fire, there is help close to you. 

If your home suffers a fire, the best thing you can do is call for Mississauga fire damage restoration services immediately. Here at SERVPRO, our technicians are highly trained and use advanced technology on every job. No matter what time of day or night, we can help you with the aftermath of a fire. 

As an example, let us say that a fire occurred inside of your home, but it was not disastrously large. The blaze started in your laundry room due to an old dryer sparking a fire due to a neglected lint trap. Furthermore, let's imagine you were home during the event, and you quickly caught the scent of something burning and used your home fire-extinguisher to combat the flames. 

The best-case scenario is that you put out the fire right then and there and then call us. When SERVPRO arrives and begins our remediation, we can ask you what concerns you the most. For this example, let us say the malodour of burnt plastics, laundry material, and smoke is a significant concern for you. Our advanced technology can help with that. 

While a couple of techs from our team can work on scrubbing away soot from your floors and walls, others can focus on scent-neutralization. Our SERVPRO techs can focus on using advanced technology such as thermal foggers and air scrubbers outfitted with carbon filters to remove fire-based malodours from your apartment. Our technicians are committed to removing as much evidence of the fire as we can, so you can go back to your life free of sight and scent triggers of your struggles. 

Call for help as soon as your home experiences a fire. Speak with SERVPRO of North Mississauga by phoning (905) 238-7376. We are available for you! 

Where Can I Find Mould Remediation Services For My Mississauga Home? 

9/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment ready for work. Mould colonies are extremely unhealthy. SERVPRO uses the latest technology and equipment for every mould remediation service.

SERVPRO Can Assist You With the Mould Remediation Inside of Your Mississauga Home! 

The ending weeks of summer in Ontario have been brutally warm and humid. During some of the days, the humidity index of the southern side of the province was above 90%. Unfortunately, with such high humidity, some homes could experience mould growth, especially in basement spaces. 

Should you find that your basement needs local Mississauga mould remediation services, you may find that humidity could be the culprit. In this region, homeowners should consider keeping their basement at a humidity percentage between 45 and 55%. This percentage region helps minimise the chances of issues such as microbial growth from occurring. One of the easiest ways to combat rising humidity is to purchase a dehumidifier. 

For the sake of an example, let us say that you noticed the insulation in your unfinished basement begin to develop black, green, or even blue spots. Furthermore, as you study it, you see that the insulation looks damp. Calling for professional help is an excellent idea to help combat the issue that could be occurring inside of your home. 

Here at SERVPRO, we're experts in the restoration field. When it comes to mould, we can help remediate issues such as: 

Furthermore, we want to help you as soon as possible. From the moment you call, our team can begin to organise so that we can get to your home swiftly. We understand how stressful interruptions to your everyday schedule can be, which is why we always try to work as fast as we can. 

To combat the mould colony in your home, our technicians can do a few things to ensure the remediation process goes as smoothly as possible. Firstly, they can set up plastic sheeting to create a containment barrier for active spores. We can make any necessary flood cuts, scrub away colonies, and set up air scrubbers from that point on. Our goal is to remove all reminders of mould, down to the smell of your basement, when you revisit it later on. We want to leave you feeling, "Like it never even happened." 

Get help right away if you find mould damage in your home. Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We can help you today!

Where Can I Find Malton Flood Damage Mitigation Services?

9/18/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech and vehicle outside job site. When a flash flood destroys your property. SERVPRO is the team of professionals to call. Storm damage remediation is a specialty of ours.

SERVPRO Can Provide Your Home With Expert Malton Flood Damage Mitigation Services! 

When living adjacent to a creek as small as Elm Creek, no one would expect a sudden storm to cause issues from their home. However, with intense enough rainfall, a small creek can become engorged and flood your nearby home. Fortunately, professional help is not far. 

When it comes to needing Malton flood damage mitigation services for your home, never wait. Getting in touch with experts like SERVPRO can help reduce damages and costs during the mitigation services for your home. Let's say the small creek outback your home suddenly floods and spreads that water to your garage. Everything inside is suddenly soaked, as well as your belongings that were in storage there. 

Here at SERVPRO, we are flood damage, mitigation experts. Floodwaters finding their way into your garage is not a problem for our technicians. Every tech at SERVPRO has the necessary training and advanced equipment to tackle flood damage of any size. We can start by removing your belongings and taking them to our facility for treatment, so we can focus on remediating the water damage in your garage. Some advanced technological devices we can use for flood damages include: 

  • Wet/dry vacuums and extractors 
  • Dehumidifiers and heaters 
  • Air scrubbers to remove any mouldy malodors 

It is even possible for your garage to need flood cuts to the drywall inside. However, this is not a problem for our technicians. We can make any necessary flood cuts and install new drywall, to help prevent microbial growth inside your garage. Lastly, we can bring your belongings back to you packed carefully into new boxes, and dry them. We do our best to leave you feeling happy. "Like it never even happened."

If you need flood damage mitigation services, call for help today! Dial (905) 238-7376 to get in touch with SERVPRO of North Mississauga. We're available to help you! 

Mississauga, ON Fire Damage and Smoke Removal Services

9/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damaged sign Soot and smoke restoration is no DIY project. Call SERVPRO and let their technicians handle all the work for you, from start to finish.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga Can Remediate the Fire Damage in Your Home! 

No matter the size of the fire that occurred inside your home, every homeowner would want the best professionals they can find to remediate the damage. SERVPRO's motto, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Our goal is to provide expert services to your property so that you can return to your everyday life as soon as possible. 

Imagine your home in Mississauga suffering fire damage. After a long day of work, you intend to relax by watching some tv and lighting a few candles for a pleasant aroma. As you're watching, one of the candles on your bookshelf begins to burn rapidly through the wax, which makes the flame unexpectedly high. Books start to catch on fire, and before you have time to react, the fire has begun to spread. 

Many people do not realize just how swiftly fires can grow and spread, which is why fast action is so necessary. Luckily for you, with the help of a fire extinguisher, you put out the blaze. Unfortunately, the damage doesn't just go away after putting out the flames. In this scenario, SERVPRO could help you by: 

  • Removing damaged books and knick-knacks from your bookshelf
  • Addressing soot with specialized cleaning agents and sanding down char on the shelf 
  • Refinishing your bookshelf if necessary 
  • Using odor-reducing advanced technology (Thermal foggers, air scrubbers) 

We work around whatever time of day your emergency happens. We can come to your location night or day, and we are happy to help you get back on your feet. Once the fire and smoke damage has been addressed, it is our pleasure to return your home to you, "Like it never even happened." 

Never wait when it comes to fire damage. Reach out to SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We're available 24/7!

Has Fallen Rain Caused Flood Damage to Your Mississauga Home? SERVPRO Has You Covered.

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

flood damaged home Flash floods cause major damage. IICRC certified techs of SERVPRO have the training and experience needed to get your home back to preloss conidition

Flood Damage Restoration Services by SERVPRO For Your Home.

Many cities in Southern Ontario are prone to flash flooding due to the various rivers and lakes spotted throughout the province. When you live in a city situated beside one of the Great Lakes, the risk of flooding becomes greater during an intense storm. Repeatedly, throughout the last two months, rain has fallen and raised water lines dangerously high. Should your home suddenly fall victim to flooding, fast action is the best remedy you can give. 

Getting trained experts to your home swiftly when you need Mississauga flood damage restoration services is essential. The faster help comes, the less likely it is for microbial growth to occur. Furthermore, the quicker standing water is removed, the less likely it is for deconstruction to be necessary. Immediate action can save you costs and protect the longevity of your home. 

Here at SERVPRO, we have expertly trained technicians who are flood damage, remediation experts. Visualise a flash flood causing water to rush into your home from your front door and soaking your living and dining room. Our technicians can create a remediation plan for your home, designed to get the water out fast and remedy any water damage inside of your home. Our process could look something like this: 

  • Creating a strategy after investigation 
  • Removing standing water with advanced equipment (Wet/dry vacuums and extractors)
  • Making any necessary flood cuts/flooring removals 
  • Employing drying equipment (Dehumidifiers, air movers, fans) 

Our goal is to leave your home feeling like it did before the flood damage occurred.  

If you find your home in need of flood damage restoration services, never wait. Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We are available during emergencies. 

Local Commercial Mississauga Water Damage Mitigation?

8/13/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Commercial water damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for the help you need.

SERVPRO Can Supply Your Business With Water Damage Experts!

Running a business such as a laundromat can be very hit or miss depending on location. Picture a situation where you had your eye on an ideal location for months, and you finally can move your laundromat across the city, near the downtown area. However, after a few months, you notice a stain forming on the ceiling tiles toward the back of your building. 

It is not unusual for a pipe to cause a leak inside of a business and leave you in urgent need of water damage mitigation services in Mississauga. SERVPRO are experts for a reason! Incidents happen, and we're here to help you through your troubles. 

No matter what time you need our expert technicians and advanced equipment, we are available. We run our services 24/7, so you do not have to wait on water damage. Furthermore, we can work during the night or the day, depending on your preference. 

In the scenario of leaking ceiling pipes, our technicians can do a few things. To start, we can remove the damaged tile and dispose of it. After that, we can use thermal imaging to check if there are any puddles in the ceiling. Knowing what we're facing helps our technicians set up the best remediation plan possible. Moving forward, our technicians can use our advanced technological devices, such as air movers and dehumidifiers, to ensure any excess moisture is reduced. We can even help you get in touch with a plumber, should you need a pipe replaced. 

Our goal is to work fast and help you restore foot traffic to your business. We understand that the longer your machines are out of commission, the more your business is damaged, and the more likely it is that your customers may seek out your competition. Trust us to get your laundromat back on its feet, and you can feel "Like it never even happened." 

If your business requires water damage restoration, don't wait. Contact SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We're available for you 24/7. 

Flash Flooding Deposited Water in My Mississauga Basement!

8/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in warehouse Storm and flood damage restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for every size of disaster.

SERVPRO Can Provide Your Mississauga Home With Flood Damage Remediation!

Ontario has had some strange weather throughout the last month, and the GTA has had significant rainfall. While many homes are equipped with sump pumps to deal with snowmelt, not every home has such protection. In a scenario where your pump fails and water begins to collect in your basement due to excessive rainfall, don't wait! Getting help quickly can lessen the risk of microbial growth in your home.  

Many basements are unfinished, which makes it particularly vulnerable if your Mississauga home faces flood damage. Mold can cause organic decay, and most of the framing in Southern Ontario homes is made with wood. Leaving excess moisture can cause mold damage to growing, which can then cause health effects. Eventually, mold can even cause the wood in your basement to rot. 

If you call for professional help, SERVPRO can send our experienced technicians to your home with advanced equipment. We can set up devices such as:

  •  air movers
  • axial fans
  • dehumidifiers
  • floor drying mats (for concrete floors)

These devices can be extremely useful in reducing moisture inside of your home when used in conjunction, and they can be daisy-chained together for the best efficiency. Furthermore, our SERVPRO techs can make any necessary flood cuts to the wooden framing and replace what is damaged if needed. Quick action upon finding flooding can help reduce the chances of removal. Once finished, our technicians hope to leave you feeling, "Like it never even happened." 

If you need professional flood damage remediation services, never wait. Get help today by calling SERVPRO of North Mississauga at (905) 238-7376. We're excited to lend you a hand!

Whom Do I Call For Malton Fire Damage Restoration Services?

7/31/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo When a fire imposes in your home, SERVPRO is the team to call for all fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO Is Your Local Malton Fire Damage Remediation Expert!

Experiencing a home fire is scary for any homeowner of any age. As the flames build, so does panic, and you may begin to worry your home might not survive the damage. However, keeping a level head during an emergency is critical. Many house fires do not cause catastrophic damage. In fact, most are relatively small and can be remediated with the help of some elbow grease. So, who do you call when you need remediation services? 

Here at SERVPRO, we take joy in providing local Malton fire restoration services to our neighbors in need. Our technicians work hard to help return your life to normal after an overwhelming and challenging event because we understand that your home is vital to your happiness. We can help you any day and any time, so call us if you face a fire emergency. 

A widespread scenario our technicians deal with is what occurs when candles are left unchecked. Accidents happen, you fall asleep with a candlelit, or you leave the room intending to return, but do not. Half an hour later, you smell smoke and panic. Many people forget their candles in places that are not ideal for fire safety without considering it, such as near a hand towel in the bathroom. 

Picture makeup and toiletries going up in flames. Visualize the heat causing plastic products to melt and soot sticking to the walls and vanity. In this situation, our technicians can: 

  • Remove the melted plastic and other debris from your countertop
  • Clean up greasy soot with products designed for fire remediation 
  • Set up air movers with carbon filters to remove malodors 

We always aim to return your home to you in its pre-damaged state so you can get back to your daily life. 

When your home needs professional fire restoration services, take action! Speak with SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We're ready to help you.  

What Should You Do When a Storm Causes Flood Damage to Your Mississauga Home?

7/12/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded living room with furniture and items floating everywhere A flooded home can cause a great deal of panic. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 365 days a year for effective water removal services and remediation options.

Call SERVPRO to Remediate the Flood Damage in Your Mississauga Home!

Southern Ontario is no stranger to sudden and intense rainfall. One moment you can be enjoying a sunny day on your porch, and then within an hour, the weather has suddenly changed and become violent. It is easy for some of the older homes to suffer under such pressure. Fortunately, help is not far.

Calling for professional help to clean up the flood damage in your Mississauga home quickly is the best thing that you can do during a flash-flooding situation. Here at SERVPRO, our goal is to get to you as soon as possible. You might wonder why it even matters since it is likely the roads are flooded, making travel difficult. However, here at SERVPRO, we can combat this issue by: 

  • Using pre-packed vehicles, so we're ready to go as soon as we can
  • Using a GPS to ensure we are taking the quickest route to your home
  • Mapping alternative routes that are not flooded to your home 

Even when our technicians face difficult driving conditions, we still focus on doing everything we can to get to your home as quickly as possible.

Imagine that the home you live in is older now, and the roof truly needed to be replaced last summer. An intense storm could quickly flood your home and leave you desperately trying to put pots and pans under leaks. SERVPRO can tarp over your roof, to keep rainwater out and then use extractors and wet/dry vacuums to remove water from inside of your home. Should some of the affected areas have carpeting, we can use rover-mounted extractors to simultaneously pull moisture from your carpet and dry it at the same time. Lastly, after any needed demolition, move-outs, or flood cuts, our technicians can set up drying equipment.

While it might seem like we have to make a bit of a mess before we can make anything better, trust our technicians. It is always our aim to deliver your home to you in its preloss state. 

If your home needs flood remediation, get help now! Communicate with SERVPRO of North Mississauga by dialing (905) 238-7376. We're ready to help!