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What Does Mitigating Mold Damage in Mississauga Properties Involve?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

mold growing on the wall of a room Discovering a mold infestation in your home can often take you by surprise. Contact our certified SERVPRO mold damage specialists 24/7.

SERVPRO Provides Comprehensive In-House Solutions for Mold Restoration

Mold is a naturally occurring element that aids in natural decay processes. Mold development in any part of your structure, interior or exterior, is not a good sign since it is a precursor to many problems, including visual and structural deterioration. Mitigating mold damage is the process of eliminating the harmful effects of mold.

Taking action immediately when you notice signs of mold damage in your Mississauga home is critical. Only appropriate actions are necessary. Otherwise, your efforts would not change anything. One of the advantages SERVPRO presents is sending trained Microbial Remediation Technicians who can identify the best course of action for your case.

Mitigating mold damage takes several steps, including:

  • Mold testing
  • Cleaning 
  • Containment and demolition
  • Sanitizing and deodorization

Although there are several types of mold, there is no need for strict testing to establish the exact strain affecting your house. The necessary testing is more about the location of the contamination. Our SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians perform tests to establish mold in cavities such as wall spaces or subfloors. We also test for wetness levels and humidity. Cleaning mold to remove patches and stains is essential. Cleaning mold differs from cleaning other soils, especially since water aggravates the problem. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use alternatives such as:

  • Damp wiping with surfaces 
  • Vacuuming
  • Wire brushing
  • Blast cleaning with soda or dry ice

Demolishing some parts of the structure to reach hidden mold or remove heavily deteriorated materials is necessary in some cases. Such demolition must be procedural to prevent unnecessary damages or dangerous exposure. Our SERVPRO teams establish airtight containment around the areas we plan to demolish to protect those in the vicinity.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga has IICRC certified Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians who can help your fight against mold damage making it, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (905) 238-7376.

What Determines the Response to Fire Damage in a Mississauga Home?

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

a house on fire with flames billowing out of the window Facing fire damage after a recent fire? Bring in the SERVPRO professional remediation team for effective mitigation services. We are here 24/7.

SERVPRO Improves Fire Restoration Outcomes by Providing Technical Skills and Sophisticated Equipment

Even though fires are not an everyday event in homes, there is always a risk of one starting at your Mississauga home. Like most people, responding to a fire incident is not something you have at the top of your head, so you may not know what to do or what you can salvage once the flames die down.

The decisions you make when addressing fire damage at your Mississauga home depend on the resources you have and the extent of damages left. Professional help from SERVPRO is advantageous since we have state-of-the-art equipment that simplifies restoration or improves the chances of salvaging more items.

The main factors that determine the response include:

  • Various costs
  • Materials involved
  • Availability of skills and equipment

Different categories of costs are crucial when addressing fire damage. The cost of replacing the affected items is one such category. If the materials can be replaced cheaply, there is no need to waste time and money attempting restoration, especially if a positive outcome is not guaranteed. Soiled insulation is a perfect example to illustrate this since it is better to replace the top layers rather than spend time cleaning. Another cost-related issue is the time it might take to complete the restoration, especially if such effort might delay other restoration processes.

Sometimes materials dictate the fire restoration action you can take. Some materials may be delicate, and leaving them unaddressed can worsen the damage. For example, metallic trim such as hinges, door handles, and knobs might survive the fire but leaving them covered with soot increases chances of irreversible damage through corrosion. Our SERVPRO technicians pre-clean such vulnerable materials and apply a thin oil film before focusing on other aspects. Other materials might be too delicate to survive cleaning procedures. For instance, cleaning acoustic tile ceilings can permanently damage them due to over-wetting. Our technicians use specialized procedures such as peroxide active cleaning.

SERVPRO of North Mississauga explores different fire damage solutions reassuring homeowners of getting the best solution. Call us at (905) 238-7376. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Much of a Threat Are Frozen Pipes to Mississauga Homes?

1/2/2022 (Permalink)

a broken frozen pipe that has ice covering one side and water leaking out of the other side Quick action is required when dealing with frozen pipes in your home. Prevention is key and calling SERVPRO after an incident will help as well.

A frozen pipe could be very damaging to Mississauga properties when it bursts.

Much like the threats of a hurricane or tornado, homeowners should work to avoid possible damage to their homes through preventative measures. Frozen pipes continue to be a common threat to homes and businesses in the Peel Region.

How Do Pipes Freeze in Mississauga Homes?

Between frozen pipes and ice damming Mississauga homes might experience, the winter season could be a potentially expensive and destructive time of the year. Frozen pipes rate as one of the higher callouts for our restorers during the winter, and this happens when inadequately insulated pipes become exposed to low temperatures.

Can You Avoid the Plumbing Freezing?

  • Properly Insulate – Verify the sufficient insulation through your home and around metal service lines. 
  • Spread Warm Air – Ensure warm air in your home reaches areas where exposed pipe exists. 
  • Allow the Affected Faucet to Run – Let at-risk water lines have small water flow through the coldest parts of the day.

What Should You Do When Pipes Freeze? 

You must act fast when water lines become damaged by freezing. It is possible to prevent a burst situation by thawing out the blockage within the line using safe heat like the output of a hairdryer. Torches and more aggressive measures could damage your line.

How Can SERVPRO Help After Water Damage? 

Experience matters when your home suffers water damage during harsh winter weather. Not only does the mess need to be cleaned quickly, but threatening low temperatures could also continue to damage the property through now saturated and wet contents and materials. Our SERVPRO team responds rapidly to these emergencies with mitigation solutions to extract water and dry affected surfaces.

Winters can be a rough time of the year in the Ontario area, putting the construction of homes and their insulation to the test. When preventative measures are unsuccessful and water damages result from frozen pipes or ice dams, our SERVPRO of North Mississauga team can respond fast to help when you call (905) 238-7376. 

For Commercial Fire Damage Cleanup and Water Mitigation in Mississauga – Call SERVPRO

12/17/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Commercial damage to your property is a job for SERVPRO. We have the manpower and experience for every situation. 24/7 365 days a year.

SERVPRO Provides Cleanup from Fire Damage and Fire Suppressant Chemicals in Mississauga

Commercial buildings in Mississauga follow provincial guidelines for fire suppression systems which are usually water-based. Once a fire triggers the system, water is sprayed over the entire area to suppress the fire. First responders may also use water or specific chemicals to suppress a fire that does not respond well to water.

Once the fire is extinguished, the building owner is left with a mess to clean up and ponder how long it will take to recover and return to normal business operations.

SERVPRO provides water mitigation, and fire suppression chemical cleanup, fire damage cleanup in commercial Mississauga buildings. Our team can be on-site within four hours to assist in recovering your business from a disastrous fire. Every fire is unique, with the damage limited to the smoke residue and odors to severe structural damage.

Our SERVPRO team can assist with all facets of the cleanup and return to preloss condition. Our services include:

Commercial clients can significantly minimize secondary damage caused by water and moisture remaining in place for too long a time. Mold can begin forming colonies within 24 hours. Porous materials can absorb moisture, swell and deteriorate, losing structural integrity. Waiting 24 or 36 hours to call SERVPRO for assistance can significantly increase the damage and the length of time it takes to return to regular operations.

We can also help set up staging areas and temporary business operations in areas unaffected by the fire. Containment rooms and negative pressure rooms work well to separate damaged areas from those that can still contribute to your day-to-day business after a fire.

Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga for commercial fire damage cleanup services in Mississauga and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (905) 238-7376.

Need Water Cleanup, Drywall Demolition, and Dust Control in Malton – Call SERVPRO

12/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech using water vac in kitchen SERVPRO IICRC certified water damage mitigation services are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service for your home.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Cleanup Services in Malton

Many clients wonder why drywall and insulation in outside-facing walls would need to be removed during water cleanup after a leak in their home in Malton. Water leaks in plumbing systems near outside walls can begin leaking after extremely cold weather cause water pipes to freeze, crack and start leaking when they thaw. The insulation is wet, the drywall becomes saturated, and water may spread across the floor or into another room immediately below the leak.

SERVPRO provides water cleanup services in Malton, water damage repair, and restoration services. Although the insulation can be dried, in most cases, the wet insulation is removed and the area dried before new insulation is installed. We must remove the drywall and vapor barrier during this process to access the wet insulation and repair the frozen pipes. In addition to dehumidifiers and air movers, space heaters may be utilized to avoid further frozen pipes until we install new insulation.

The removal of the interior drywall damaged by the water leak and insulation usually creates a great deal of dust. SERVPRO constructs containment barriers and negative air pressure systems to minimize the spread of dust and insulation fibers to other home areas during this process. We also investigate the water inside cupboards and between floors to avoid further secondary damage to various compressed wood products used in cabinets and subfloor systems.

SERVPRO provides the following services to return your home to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga for water cleanup services in Malton and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (905) 238-7376.

Need Flood Damage Cleanup, Repair and Restoration Services in Mississauga – Call SERVPRO

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside a job site. Storm and flood damage is no easy task. SERVPRO trained technicians have the knowledge and equipment for every size disaster.

SERVPRO Provides Flood Damage Cleanup from Storms in Mississauga

Flooding, although more common in the spring, can occur at any time of the year in Mississauga. Whether it is a rainstorm washing through the area or rapidly melting snow, the impact on your home is the same when water flows into your basement, saturating everything with mud, silt, bacteria, viruses, and chemicals picked as the water cascades through your neighborhood.

SERVPRO provides flood damage cleanup, demolition, repair, and all storm damage restoration services in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Our team is available twenty-four-seven to respond to your call for help to remove floodwaters, clean up your basement, remove sand, silt and debris and begin drying operations. Due to the contamination carried by the floodwaters, most porous items must be discarded. Porous items include your contents and structural materials such as drywall, insulation, carpets, and underpad in your basement.

Most homes in the Mississauga area are constructed with concrete foundations, weeping tile at the base of the foundation to drain water from the outside of the foundation into the stormwater system. There is also a water drain in most basements. After a flood, the water table is very high, and water may continue to bubble up from the basement drain or through cracks in the foundation or the concrete floor, leading to high moisture and humidity levels.

We address all of these issues, remove the excess water, install dehumidifiers and air movers to dry the floor and structure before repair and reconstruction. SERVPRO services include:

  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Demolition of the damaged structure, including saturated contaminated carpets, drywall, and insulation
  • Emergency services flood damage repair and reconstruction

Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga for flood damage cleanup services in Mississauga and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (905) 238-7376.

Why Does My Mississauga Apartment Still Smell Like Smoke After Fire Damage Restoration?

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment Smoke odor removal from fire damage is no easy task. Call SERVPRO and let their techs handle all the fire damage restoration from the start.

SERVPRO Can Help You Remediate All Aspects of Fire Damage on Your Mississauga Property!

It is unfortunate, but many homes have improper cleanup and restoration jobs done every year in Canada. Perhaps a friend recommended a friend without much experience. Or maybe, you hired a professional who likes to cut corners. It can create a lot of anxiety when you keep smelling smoke in your home so long after the fire, and that additional stress is never pleasant. Fortunately, here at SERVPRO, we can help you.

When it comes to offering your home Mississauga fire damage remediation, we never miss a step, and we do our best to get to your location as quickly as we can. After a brief investigation, our technicians can inform you of the situation and propose the solution, so you always know what is occurring inside your home.

In a situation where smoke damage has been left behind, we may check drapes, carpets, paint, and furniture. Like cigarette smoke, the ash and soot from a fire can sink into your belongings and leave a long-term smell. We understand how frustrating malodours can be, and we want you to feel "Like it never even happened."

We can remove any drapes, furniture, or rugs that are still malodorous from the fire, and we can employ a scent-locking priming paint to your walls in your home. Lastly, while your belongings are being treated at our facility, we can set up air scrubbers and use hydroxyl generators to try and pull any remaining scent-causing particles from the air. Here at SERVPRO, we aim to be your one-stop-shop and do it right the first time.

Please speak with us right now about fire damage in your home! Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga by phoning (905) 238-7376. We're available for you now!

What To Do If You Need Mould Remediation on Your Mississauga Property?

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

Mould damage SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the training and experience for any size mould remediation service needed for your property.

SERVPRO Technicians Are Mould Remediation Experts! Let Us Help You Today!

Many homes around the country harbor active mould colonies, and all of them have dormant mould spores. It is crucial for you, as a homeowner, to recognise the difference. Mould is a generalised word referring to fungi which can often look fuzzy to the eye. There are many types of fungus, but they all start as nothing more than dormant spores. While the spores are omnipresent, they do not usually cause any problems; however, when spores become active, you might have an issue inside your home.

You can keep an eye out for many signals if you fear your home may need local Mississauga mould remediation services. Firstly, consider the weather. Was the summer overly humid? Do you notice grey, blue, green, or even black marks upon your walls or ceiling, especially around sources of moisture? Do you keep catching a musty scent as you travel into a particular section of your home?

It is not possible to identify for sure without expensive testing, but here at SERVPRO, that is not a problem. We like to try and deal with microbial growth before it becomes a problem. Should your home experience a water leak, our technicians can come to your home, dry it out, and investigate for signs of mold. Furthermore, we can use anti-fungal cleaning agents to help prevent the spread of microbial growth.

Our specialists are highly qualified, IICRC- certified, and we use advanced technology for every job. Let us say in your home you noticed a fuzzy bluish substance growing near a leaking pipe. Instead of paying for expensive testing, our technicians can come at any time, day or night, and remove the mess for you. No tests are needed, and you can feel better knowing that we have your back and aim to reduce mould regrowth.

Do not wait if you suspect your home may have active mould colonies! Dial (905) 238-7376 to Call SERVPRO of North Mississauga. Our technicians can help you!

Never Wait When Water Damages Your Malton Clothing Boutique!

10/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside a job site. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size commercial damage restoration job.

SERVPRO Can Remediate the Commercial Water Damage on Your Malton Property Today!

When water damage strikes your business, you need fast, effective, and highly trained expert cleanup and restoration services. The quicker the water is cleaned up and damage mitigated, the better it is for your business. Here at SERVPRO, we understand this concept, and we can help you make sure you get your business back on its feet.

In the case of water damage in your Malton clothing boutique, you may have a few concerns that come straight to your mind. At SERVPRO, we know some of these concerns could include: 

  • Impacted merchandise 
  • Reduced foot traffic 
  • Damaged reputation 
  • Loss of loyal customers 

Building a brand takes time, which is precisely why we aim to help you as fast as we can. Picture your clothing boutique with a spot on the ceiling. Let us say that spot has been there for years, but recently, it began to grow. Slowly, the ceiling started to buckle, and you could tell the water was pooling inside, but it had not burst yet.

If you call SERVPRO, our technicians prioritize trying and getting to you as fast as we can. We can travel day or night, which allows us to get to you when you need us. Our techs use advanced technology and can do their best to drain the water pocket in your ceiling slowly. Once we get to your shop, we can move your merchandise away from the impacted area to ensure the water is not impacted.

Our goal is to get your shop back to normal as quickly as possible. Since we are a team, we can drain the water pocket and then use drying equipment to address any water damage to your property.

If your business requires water damage repair, speak to us today! Call (905) 238-7376 to speak with SERVPRO of North Mississauga. We can work no matter what time you need us!

What Do I Do About the Flash Flooding in My Mississauga House?

10/13/2021 (Permalink)

Call Now! SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians have the tools and knowledge for any size storm disaster. Storm and flood damage restoration is a specialty we do.

SERVPRO Can Help You With Flood Damage Restoration in Your Mississauga Home! 

No homeowner ever wants to deal with flood damage in their home. With one intense storm, you could find your home in the middle of a weeks-long process of restoration and anxiety. Everyone knows flooding can cause mould inside your home, which is simply another stressor for you, the homeowner, during an already stressful time. 

For this reason, never wait when your home needs local Mississauga flood damage remediation. Call as soon as you realize your home is beginning to flood, even if you doubt we can travel to your home. Here at SERVPRO, the sooner we know you need help, the sooner we can get to your location. 

Flash flooding occurs when an intense rainstorm overwhelms a city with how much water it releases. Rivers can flood, and, in some cases, damming systems can even fail. However, the vital thing about flash flooding is to realize that eventually, the water does recede. It could take some time, but SERVPRO is here to help you during your time of need. 

Let us say the base floor of your home has been impacted, which includes your kitchen, dining room, living room, half-bathroom, and garage. SERVPRO can send a large team of expert technicians to your home, and they can bring advanced technology explicitly made for flood damage restoration. Some of these devices include: 

  • Water extractors and wet/dry vacuums 
  • Floor drying mats 
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Heaters
  • Thermal camera

Our first goal is to remove standing water leftover in your home. We can even use infrared technology to look for hidden pockets of water. We can send your furniture and belongings to our facility for special treatment and then to a storage locker to wait until after the remediation is finished.

Typically, the next step is flood cuts, removing any cabinetry or vanities. We can set up drying equipment designed to pull excess moisture from your home's structure and use antifungal agents to help prevent mould growth. At SERVPRO, our technicians strive to tackle every aspect of remediation swiftly so that we can return your home to you in a meaningful amount of time. 

Don't hesitate when you need flood damage remediation. Talk to SERVPRO of North Mississauga by calling (905) 238-7376. We can help you at any time!