What our Customers say...


When we had a plumbing leak from the apartment above our bakery, it was important to get fast cleanup. Your guys were incredible and made it so that we could stay open. Fast, polite, and made sure that our manager knew each step of the process.

Why didn’t I notice that mould before it spread into the hallway by my garage, I’ll never know. I’m thankful that your team had the ability to get in and locate all hidden moisture so I didn’t have this recurring issue. Kudos!

Who knew that an electrical fire would go so quickly undetected. The damage was more than we thought, but I cannot express how happy I am with how fast the technicians got it all cleaned up, including making sure that the walls looked brand-new again. I’ll be happy to tell my family and friends!

We live on quite a slope, so I was shocked when we had water coming into the back entry of our home. The storm waters were nasty and muddy, but your SERVPRO guys handled everything fast. No more wet, sludgy mess!

Your team coming out to assist our third shift crew was an immense help. We keep limited janitorial equipment on-hand, and the pumps were a much-needed addition after the bathroom flooding. Thanks guys! Highly recommend.

I am thrilled with the results. Your SERVPRO team was both professional and polite. Now my water-stained bathroom looks like it is brand new. I was afraid of musty odors after the water leak, but you can’t even tell anything happened.

I tried to cleanup after storm and water damage, but it was too much for me alone. Your crew arrived fast and took a major burden off of my shoulders. Thanks Dan and crew!

My wife would be so mad at me right now if we didn’t have your SERVPRO company come to clean up after the fire on the outside of our garage. I’ve learned my lesson, no more using the turkey fryer so close to the house!

We had renters and didn’t realize they had a small kitchen fire – they did an awful job trying to cover it with paint. The stench was horrible! Dan, you guys made our life easier and now the unit is habitable again. I cannot express enough thanks.

I was afraid I would lose a lot of my inventory after the neighboring shop had a kitchen fire. Your techs showed up and made sure items got separated for cleaning, keeping me from having to replace clothing, shoes, and more. Thanks Dan and team!

Our basement flooded and we needed to pack items up to move out for cleanup. The technicians took care of everything, even labeling stuff and taking pictures. It was nice knowing everything would be safe during the pumping and drying.

Kitchen fires are scary! We had a fire extinguisher, but it wouldn’t work. Luckily we got it put out, but we had sticky black soot everywhere, even in our cabinets. I cannot thank the crew enough for cleaning up all of the gunk. I’m shocked there is no trace left, great job.

I was told to try your team at SERVPRO after we noticed mould in our garage. I am so happy we didn’t try to clean it ourselves. We didn’t realize how dangerous it could be to breathe in! Thanks guys!

After a recent rain storm, we had some flooding coming into our garage that seeped into our kitchen entry. Daniel explained the process of cleanup and each detail. It made it a lot easier to understand.

What a great team! We called SERVPRO after a major pipe issue in our production facility, and your crew helped make sure items got moved and all slip and fall hazards were eliminated. Dan had everything organized and the job was done faster than expected.

We had a lightning strike at our home that resulted in a small fire and a lot of smoke. Due to the rain, we also had some leaking from the roof. Your crew helped with boarding up the roof damage and then worked over the next week helping us clean up the devastation. The smoke smell was awful, but somehow you got rid of it.

Our flooring looks beautiful. SERVPRO did a excellent work!

We never thought we would recover so quickly from the fire damage we were left with.  Your technicians were a hard-working group for sure.   

Thanks for getting us back up and running so quickly.  Your team really made it look easy.

We never could have got this dried out on our own. I had no idea the water damage was as bad as it was - inside the walls and under the floorboards - just everywhere! Your testing equipment is amazing and we couldn't have cleaned this up without you.

The mould had taken over the house and I thought it could never be cleaned out properly but you just did a fantastic job and we don't have the slightest bit of that musty odour!  Terrific work and thank you so much!

We appreciate how polite and quiet your team was. We were able to continue working without interruption, which was completely unexpected. I expected we would be out of business for at least a week, so thank you.

I'd like to thank Mark for his leadership of the technicians. He knew what he was doing and really kept them focuses.  Everything went smooth as silk.

Geez was really taken aback by the technology and equipment you used to find the wet areas and dry them up!  Very impressive and everything is nice and dry now.

Next time I leave the windows open during a rainstorm I'll know who to call!  SERVPRO!

It was comforting to have people who are so good at what they do come in after the devastation and just take over. I knew shortly after you arrived that everything was going to be alright, and you certainly came through for us.

The workers did more in 20 minutes than the previous company did in a week!  You are lifesavers! We will be thanking our claims rep for the referral.

Very happy with this service. The technician was punctual, well-informed and clear in his explanations when doing the initial inspection. The whole experience has made me feel very comfortable with going ahead with this company. Thank you!

I had water leaking from the roof causing serious water damage to our bedroom walls. SERVPRO of North Mississauga came and did an estimate of cost, and then carried on the cleanup/repair very professionally. They completed the whole job on budget and on time. I highly recommend them!  

Could not of asked for a better company! I asked a lot of questions as this was my first time having a flooded basement, Daniel was always available to answer everything.  I am very grateful I called them. Very professional

Great response time. Great Work. Very respectful and caring which really helped as I was so upset about all the water damage, Thank you so much