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Mississauga and Toronto Look to SERVPRO for Cleaning and Rebuilding Their Flood and Storm Damaged Properties

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Tech in Tyvek suit behind containment barrier cleaning Even for Contaminated Storm Damage Sites in Mississauga, SERVPRO Techs Get the Job Done!

Storm Threats and Flooding Year-Round for Mississauga Homes

Weather concerns are nothing new to Toronto and Mississauga residents, as we can often experience some of the worst winter conditions each year along with dominant torrential rainfall during warmer parts of the year. Responding to these emergencies can help to prevent the situations getting out of control, though with conditions like flooding, many homeowners and property management professionals get overwhelmed with the needs of their structure and wait to contact experienced technicians to help.

Our SERVPRO professionals have helped to recover storm damage to Mississauga properties numbering into the hundreds, each of which was different than the last. Readiness for the rough hand of nature can help us to reach structures quickly when every minute counts. We have hundreds of air movers and other evaporative drying tools to get damp conditions post-flooding under control to reduce the development of mould. We stay ready to respond in every season of the year for whatever threats your home or business faces.

Threats of the Winter Months

Here in Mississauga, we can average between 85 and 100 centimeters of snow every year, and in the recent 2019, this number almost doubled to 163 cm. This heavier precipitation during the winter months can strain roofs and structures to withstand the weight of lofty snowfalls. Also, ice jams on the creeks and streams, as well as ice dams on rooftops, can both produce flooding conditions for homes or businesses.

In addition to structural repairs needed to address damages of a collapsed or damaged roof, our SERVPRO team must often overcome widespread flooding in the structure once a substantial structural breach exists to allow direct water penetration and runoff to enter the residence.

Threats of the Spring/Summer Months

Because of its location, Mississauga can often find itself positioned in the path of fierce storm systems during the warmer months of the year. While nothing has been as outwardly deadly and destructive as Hurricane Hazel in the 1950s, which struck here in the greater Toronto area, forceful natural disasters have been a recurring threat to the area, such as Hurricane Sandy in recent years. The common thread with these systems is their destruction, each bringing their own demolishing concoction of hail, wind, and rain.

Large Loss Recovery Team

Storm threats offer a wide range of potential recovery solutions to be necessary for massive commercial properties and the larger homes here in the Mississauga area. As a large loss recovery team, our SERVPRO professionals have an extensive inventory of recovery and restoration tools available whenever they are necessary. We also have a considerable roster of qualified technicians representing nearly every niche of the industry to ensure that no property ever waits for the mitigation and restoration work that it needs. There is no job too big for our team to handle.

Emergency Response

There is no convenient time for your home to experience storm or flood damage, so our SERVPRO professionals stay ready to help whenever you need it. We have staffed emergency lines running 24/7 so that you can speak with a real person amid your disaster. We can gather the right information to get our technicians and contractors moving quickly with the appropriate tools, products, and technology. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and that means working to reach damaged structures within hours of their initial contact with our emergency response line.

Extraction and Drying

Flooding is often an unfortunate result of storm damage and changing conditions outside amid torrential rainfall or substantial snowmelt. Mitigation is one of the fastest paths to recovering a residence experiencing flooding, and this hinges on our technicians arriving with and deploying the appropriate tools to remove standing water and begin drying procedures. Depending on the presence of solids and debris in the standing water, or even the threats of contamination that could exist with natural flooding, extraction and drying both might vary from one recovery task to the next. We have several extraction tools, including:

  • Electric submersible pumps
  • Gas-powered trash pumps
  • Engine-driven, truck-mount pumps
  • Wet vacuums

We also have efficient drying tools to help begin restoring damp surfaces and contents once surface water gets removed, such as:

  • Axial and centrifugal air movers
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • Positive pressure systems
  • Negative pressure systems
  • Drying mats

Cleaning Up Your Property After Flooding

Contamination and bacterial threats can exist when natural flooding has occurred. Also, mud and debris can be everywhere the water reached, making it as essential to begin muck-out and debris removal as it is to start controlled demolition on directly impacted materials to reduce the spread and severity of contamination in the house getting restored. We have potent antimicrobials, antibacterials, biocides, and sterilizers to use in your Mississauga property as necessary.

Temporary Construction Solutions

Emergency services are a vital element to our fast response and commitment to mitigation practices of reducing property loss for our customers. With a team of in-house contractors, we can offer temporary construction solutions in storm-damaged residences, including:

  • Roof tarping
  • Board up services
  • Tree removal
  • Temporary fencing

Full-Scale Build Back Post-Restoration

These same building trade professionals that can oversee the temporary solutions that your home might need amid a storm damage crisis can be the same to reinstall and rebuild discarded materials in your Mississauga home. Our in-house SERVPRO contractors can have a direct hand in material removal during the mitigation and recovery stages of flood restoration to remove any contaminated or overly damaged structural element. With controlled demolition, we only remove the portions of materials that need it, making the reconstruction process more efficient and cost-effective.

You cannot predict when disasters can strike and the damage that they can do to your home or business. No matter how structurally compromised your property becomes, we have a team of contractors that can help with the construction solutions necessary to allow for effective mitigation and restoration of your flooded residence. You can reach our SERVPRO of North Mississauga rapid response team anytime you need us by contacting (905) 238-7376.

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